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SGD graphic displayer

◆STN LCD displayer with White words against blue background

◆Number of pixels:192*64

◆Even LED backlight whose brightness can be adjusted

◆With one UART (used to download and communication), RS232/422/485

◆Configure with clock

◆With 20 keys

*These three kinds of graphic displayer support variable PLC communication protocols: 

*Improved the text light, not only adopt indicator to display bit situation but also add text information, helping user know the device directly. 

   The text information can be reported by voice;

*Improved the dynamic text, not only display text corresponding to different value of register, but also report the text by voice;

*The abundant voice functions with broadcast opening welcoming speech and on time alarm;

*Improved alert function is not only warm user by text but also voice when fault occurs;

*Flexible interactive controlling functions lead to switch and report picture automatically;

*When users download project, the transient time of PC can sync to HMI;

*10 globe function keys (F1-F10) can be defined accordingly, such as be defined to set coil, set data and jump picture. Once finished definition, it can be operating at all picture;